Tokyo – Ueno Zoo and the Best Sushi Ever

After visiting Senso-ji Temple, we continued on our journey to the Ueno Zoo!  Here we saw these delightful native monkeys – called Japanese macaques – frolicking in their habitat.  They were so cute!

Zachariah told us that near where he lives in Japan there are some hot springs, and these monkeys like to frequent the hot springs just like humans.  So if you’re going to visit the hot springs, it’s best to check it out before getting in to make sure you’re not accidentally getting in when the monkeys are using it as they don’t take too kindly to company!


We also saw giant pandas, kangaroos, reptiles and more.  Plus we got to ride this cool monorail train across part of the zoo.  Aren’t we a cute bunch of 5??


That evening we went out for sushi.  It was the best Mark and I have ever had – so fresh, so delicious.  Eileen doesn’t eat seafood, so she was probably a bit underwhelmed, but my mom decided to brave sushi for the first time and enjoyed it!


In my opinion, Mark’s dish was definitely the most beautiful, followed by Zachariah’s as a close second.  See what you think…




Such a delicious meal and a great way to end the day!!!  I can’t wait to go back for more… someday!


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